Pros & Cons of Indian Matrimonial Websites

The commencement and evolution of Internet technology has revolutionized the Indian match-making system. Matrimonial websites have helped in reducing the tensions and stress caused while searching for potential bride or groom through traditional match-making system. These websites have made the search of your life partner more simple and efficient.

Online Matrimony has many advantages and disadvantages. Following are the pros and cons of Indian Matrimonial Websites:


  • User Friendly: Matrimonial websites are designed using matrimony software which has good technical specifications. This makes website user-friendly not only for youngsters but also for old people to use.
  • Saving of Time & Money: The parents of bride or groom don’t have to travel long distances for marriage meeting as they can find their desirable choices as per their requirements. E-mails can be used for sending and receiving the photos. Thus matrimony websites help in saving individual time, money & efforts.
  • Counseling: Many matrimonial website provide pre-wedding & post-wedding counseling to the new couples. These websites arrange group meetings, discussions & personal meetings for counseling.


  • Free Online Profiles: Many profiles on matrimony websites are fake or silly profiles which are usually created by individuals for free. Thus one should always see for properly monitored matrimony websites and use the paid schemes to avoid problems.
  • Authenticity of profile: Even though many matrimonial websites claim authentic service of profiles, the authenticity of some profiles like NRIs remains questionable. Everyone cannot travel abroad to check the genuineness of the NRI individual or his details. In this case one should contact the embassy of that particular country and make the inquiry or one can take the help of friends or relatives to check the authenticity.

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